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harvest moon confessions

Me and my friend both thought that if you connected your gameboy to AWL, you could go up the mountain and visit Mineral Town, which we thought was so exciting. I’m glad neither of us had the link cable at the time, because I don’t think our 9 year old selves could deal with that disappointment when we found that it just gave you some records to buy from Van.

Full Confession:

I wish Ganesha was an eligible bachelorette in RFF. The only reason I can see for Raguna not being able to marry her is because of Marco but it would’ve been so cute for Raguna to have him as a step-son. Ganesha sometimes has hearts flying over her cutout when Raguna does well at festivals or compliments her, she also calls him an “amazing man” in one of her letters to him so why won’t she accept my freaking wedding bouquet???

Sometimes I wish AWL would get a remake but now that I’m thinking about how special and nostalgic that game is to me, I think it’s best that it stays as it is, despite the potential it could have with the improved mechanics of recent games.

Full Confession:

I wish RFF had included rival marriages, there seemed to be potential for this to happen considering Danny’s crush on Annette and Erik’s crush on Lara. I personally would’ve loved Rosetta and Danny to have ended up falling in love with each other so I could marry Mist instead of Rosetta (I always feel obligated to marry Rosetta for some reason.) I also would’ve liked to have seen Bianca and Tabatha together but I highly doubt the game makers would have considered a same sex relationship.

Full Confession:

I’ve personally always thought that Nami in AWL was secretly gay. In one possible way of marrying Nami, she simply asks to move in with you because you’re the only way she can stay in the valley, is she just tolerating the marriage so she can stay in the valley she loves? She also is described by your son to be angry, is she unable to express her true feelings now she’s trapped in a marriage? She’s the least affectionate out of all the candidates, maybe because she can only see you as a friend.

Full Confession:

I hate that children don’t resemble their mothers in Rune Factory. In RF2 it ticked me off that if you marry Ceci your child isn’t recognized as being quarter-elf whilst Orland is a quarter-elf and never shuts up about it. I know Orland’s default parents are Ceci and Jake making him designed to be a half-elf but the fact that you marrying Ceci instead makes no difference to this takes away from the control the player has over the story which shouldn’t be the case in this type of game.

Try as I might to give all the bachelors a fair chance, I always end up marrying the redheads. I never played Sunshine Island. I told myself it was because I didn’t have the time, but it was probably because there weren’t any gingers on the island.

Full Confession:

I loved RF1, I thought the storyline and characters were absolutely amazing but they were let down by the game’s poor mechanics. I wish we could see a remake with all the original Kardian characters. I love the sequels, but whenever I play them I find myself missing Kardia and Raguna. RF1 didn’t have any of the gimmicks you see in later Rune Factory games and its plot was so intense. I found RFF to be far too childish, although I did enjoy the gameplay, it didn’t have the same impact on me.

I really hate when people criticize the new games. I’m not a serious gamer, so I’m easily impressed by the new features and characters. But when I read negative comments, it makes me view the games differently and ruins my gaming experience.

Full Confession:

In RFF, I think it’s implied that Mist sees Raguna as just a friend. Rosetta however clearly has romantic feelings for Raguna, before she’s courted she admits to finding him attractive. Remember that Mist doesn’t even recognize Raguna at the beginning of the game? Rosetta comes to Trampoli because she’s in love with Raguna, which you find out after you marry her. Because of this I always see Rosetta as the default bachelorette. Mist is still my favorite character, but I think she’s a free spirit.

Full Confession:

I’m in my early thirties, and I’ve always had bad luck with relationships. I frequently worry that I maybe won’t ever be good enough to find and keep Mr. Right. But the fact that the series has begun to include older marriage candidates (and older bachelorettes like Iris, to boot) and the fact that there are players that actually want to marry them gives me confidence that maybe all hope isn’t lost for me after all!

Full Confession:

Tabatha is is one of my favorite video game characters. The story of her coming to Kardia in search for a husband to create a link between humans and elves was so beautiful to me, as well as her unique elven accent. RFF completely ruined her, her entire character was changed. The fact that she was an elf was turned into a gimmick and also no longer a secret to the rest of the town, her American accent was charmless and even her appearance was changed. RFF was good, but this annoyed me.  

Whenever I play any HM games with voice actors, like the Rune Factory series, I can’t help but analyze the characters based on their voices. For example, girls with really high voices (like Frey from RF4) annoy me to death. But most, if not all, of the bachelors have really sexy voices and I can’t help but fall in love with them because of it.

I wish they would make a Rune Factory game that has the same system like RF2 where we can play as our kids. I would like to see if the children got their appearance or personality from their moms.

Full Confession:

I don’t get the aversion to the chibi art style like in IoH or DS or even GB. Maybe it’s because I played the games as a kid or maybe I’m used to cartoony styles. To me, there are the characters who are clearly children and the characters who are stylized adults. On the other hand, I can understand the aversion to Kiel or Mistel. They look so different from the other candidates. I know for the Rune Factory characters it’s mostly the unfortunate art choices and budget (their sprite portrait anatomy for every character will forever bother me), but for characters like Mistel, it can be even more strange.